BET Awards Highlights

BET Awards Highlights

Okay I know it’s a little late guys but did you see the BET Awards the other night? Tracy Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson showed that they can certainly host any award show. This dynamic duo definitely brought the comedy, upping the game of this award show that seems to be getting better and better  each year. Here are some highlights.

Outfits from Nicki Minaj, Kelly Rowland and Rihanna  are my top 3 favorite. Their not only women of class, but they know how to strut their style. Nicki Minaj wore a long, tight lace silhouette of a dress by Givenchy. Kelly Rowland  wore a tight black dress, with what look like ostrich feathers at the end of the dress also by Givenchy. Rihanna took on a more professional look with a bronze blazer and shorts suit by Giorgio Armani with a pull back ponytail. All of these women look beautiful for the night.

As for the men that attended the awards. My two favorite was the champ Floyd Mayweather and the rapper Fabolous. Mayweather seem to be sporting a three piece Hampton type look, he show that any man can wear light colors to a award show. Which complimented his brown skin complexion very nicely. The stylish rapper Fabolous decided to go with a more relax but fashionable look in what appear to be an Amish type hat and biker pants by Givenchy, you can definitely tell that Fabolous was trying to set a fashion statement for his fans.

The biggest highlight of the night was Ciara performing the Janet Jackson tribute. Ciara definitely did her think on the dance floor, she showed that Janet is not only an icon, but a legend of her time. With the whole rhythm nation and principle of pleasure dance Ciara prove to everyone she can definitely keep up with Janet.

Let’s not forget the Bad Boy Reunion. Having artist like 112, Faith Evans, Lil Kim and the entire Bad Boy Crew brought back memories from the 90’s. Question “Diddy” are we going to get a Bad Boy Reunion tour in the future ?”.


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